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Web Design

Our team will meet with you to establish your brand identity and capture the spirit of your business. We will also take this oportunity to set the goal of your online identity and determine the content needs.

Our graphic designer will then mock up a wireframe design and pass it to our developer to make the vision become a reality.

We will then meet with you again to make refinements and add the final bit of polish to the design.

Working with Internet Wizardry was a breeze! I am far from tech-savvy, but they were always professional, knowledgeable and patient when answering my never-ending questions. Our company is beyond thrilled with the final product and would gladly recommend Internet Wizardry to anyone.


Director of Operations, Alaska Recreational Management

Internet Wizardry

Our web site is an example of our designs. The site features a clean layout with easily visible subject areas that focuses on the content. Branding is carried neatly through each area, and is optimized for mobile devices.

Alaska Recreational Management

We completed a full branding project for this client. Our graphic design team created a logo that encompased the feeling of this outdoor company. We then designed a web site that exudes a feeling of nature while making information easy to find and presenting it in an attractive and usable manner.

Alaska Dive Search Rescue and Recovery Team

We helped this newly established volunteer community service organization create a budget friendly and attractive web site.

Web Hosting

Your beautiful web site needs quality hosting that meets today’s demands. We have built our platform on top of a leading cloud provider. This infrastructure automatically employs caching techniques to ensure your site loads blisteringly fast, diverts more resources to your site when it gets busy, and spreads the demand across multiple datacenters for fault tolerance. All of our backend servers are secured behind a firewall, and frontend servers run compiled code so they can’t be hacked.

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